Monday, October 12, 2009

Old School House Antique Fair

This past Friday Katy, Alexa and I drove up to Washington in St. Landry Parish and did a little shopping at their annual fall outdoor sale.  I managed to find some goodies and Katy bought me a couple of beautiful things.

pictures 362pictures 364

I found seven of these precious sherbet dishes at an outdoor booth at the School House and one later in the day at a shop on the main drag.  Love them. All for less than $8.  whoo hoo

pictures 365

Katy bought me these beautiful amber/gold pieces at an outdoor booth at the School House.  Just love them.

pictures 369pictures 372 

Now I really wish my family liked deviled eggs.

Visit Katy’s Blog and see some of her goodies from our shopping trip. 



  1. I DO like deviled eggs, Ma. Love 'em. And love all your great bargains!!!

  2. Thanks for a wonderful day Dee... You never fail to entertain and elight me when we're together! Glad you like your trays... they're both really pretty, beautiful natural lighting images!