Friday, January 29, 2010

Jake is Diggin it!


Jacob is a big Saints fan too and he loves all of our Who Dat Nation decorations.


Mid Morning Snack

pictures 570-019

Jake and Joanna had strawberries and granny smith apples for their mid-morning stack today.

pictures 573-022

Mommy had birthday cake with extra strawberry filling.

Yummy Yummy Yummy


Happy Birthday Andrew

pictures 560-011

Yesterday was Andrew’s 20th birthday we had a nice family dinner and celebration for him.

 pictures 551-002

  I baked him a white cake with strawberry filling and chocolate icing.

pictures 575

Delicious red wine he brought home from his trip to Italy.  I wish I could read Italian.  We really enjoyed this bottle.

pictures 574

pictures 556-007

Strawberry wine Normand bought in Ponchatoula last year.  Not our favorite wine.  Very sweet

pictures 557-008

 pictures 558-009

Joanna just loves birthdays.

For his birthday dinner we had a beautiful green salad, steamed broccoli and a big ole pan of homemade lasagna.  ( Sorry didn’t get pics of the meal.  It was oh so delicious.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Black and Gold Birthday Tablescape

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Thursday is Andrew’s 20th birthday so while I was in a black and gold mood I decided to see if I could come up with a black and gold tablescape. It turns out I could.




My mother-in-law’s sterling silver King Edward Oneida








Crystal d’arques Longchamps my wedding crystal


Andrew was born on Superbowl Sunday 1990 and he has always been a Saints fan. It looks like he will be in Miami on the day of the game gettin the NFL experience. He won’t be going to the game but will be going to some of the festivities leading up to it.

Go Saints!

Who Dat?

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Today I decided that we need a little black and gold around here to celebrate the upcoming black and gold superbowl.  Not wanting to spend any money to do this I looked around the house and this is what I came up with.


Straw Wreath, Mardi Gras Mask, Fleur d Lis, gold ribbon and a black tablecloth


Mardi Gras Beads, black boa, Mardi Gras Mask


Nasty old tin tray


Tray and Mardi Gras Masks


Walmart gold spraypaint


Chalk Board Paint



Faith and Hope leads to Belief



I wrapped the straw wreath with a black tablecloth, Christmas beads and added a boa & gold ribbon bow, fleur d lis and made over Mardi Gras masks.  I love how it came out.



I used a paint pin on the masks.


Black and Gold Superbowl Dat's What!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, January 25, 2010

When Pigs Fly

This past Friday the kids and I spent the afternoon going to a few flea markets with Katy and Erica.  I found a couple of things and we spent a pleasant afternoon with people we love.

When pigs fly 2-004

When Pigs Fly-003

The girls always have a great time what ever we do.  Nothing like playin hooky on a Friday afternoon.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Last weekend Andrew, Jeanne and Jessica went to a swim meet in Memphis, TN. Andrew and his friend Greg decided to make some trail mix for the trip. It turned out not to be your conventional trail mix. I’m just glad I wasn’t on the bus with the 20 or so teenagers who consumed this stuff. They had a great time at the meet. Andrew really hasn’t trained in months and swam well in the meet. He even won an event.

Trail Mix 1-002


Photo credits: Jessica Miller

Friday, January 15, 2010

Fashion Sense….. Not!

 pictures 128

Is it just me or does the leather jacket, camo mud boots, Phelps T-shirt really go together?  Jeanne’s get up of boys athletic shorts, uggs, and sweatshirt is equally appalling to me.  He did not leave the house dressed like this.  She probably would.  Woe is me!

pictures 129 pictures 130 pictures 133

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Recent Goodwill Finds

On a few trips to Goodwill lately I found a few treasures. 

This past Saturday after dropping Joanna off at swim lessons ( Jeanne, Jessica and Andrew were all at the pool) Aimee, Jake and I stopped at the nearest Goodwill.  I found a cute black and white dress and a couple of sweaters, Jess found a summer dress (she joined us later), Aimee found a few tops and athletic pants, Jake found a few old Veggietales tapes he couldn’t live without.  In the back of the store in the house wares section they were having a $0.10 sale on cups, saucers, and plates.  I found this lovely set of  dishes (fine china Royal Court Carnation Japan) in soft pink and grey.  51 pieces for…….. get this $5.10!  I can’t decide if  I’m going to keep them or gift them.  Know anyone who might like them? ;)

pictures 145-018 pictures 148-019

Dinner Plate

pictures 149-020

Salad Plate

pictures 152-021

Dessert Plate

 pictures 153-022

Bowl pictures 156-023

Cup and Saucer pictures 159-024 pictures 161-025 pictures 165-026

There are six full place settings and two settings minus the cup and saucer and a few spare pieces.  All in excellent condition no scratches or chips.  I think they were made in the 40’s of 50’s if not then definitely in that style.  

pictures 167-027

I bought these two cute aqua/floral bowls.  Wouldn’t fried rice be so yummy from these.

pictures 168-028

Cute vintage pitcher to hold delicious fresh squeezed orange juice. 

pictures 170-029 

Lovely white compote to go with all of my white serving pieces. 

All at fabulous Goodwill prices. 

On another recent GW trip I bought a $9.99 coffee table that we’re going to revamp for our family room.  I’ll post before and afters of that when we tackle that project.