Thursday, December 31, 2009

Party People

pictures 204-019

Shandi and the guys

pictures 197-012

Danny and Jude

pictures 199-014

Nicole,  Nolan,  Carmel,  Jeanine and Bruce

pictures 200-015

The Host

pictures 201-016


pictures 202-017 


Party Games

Every year at our party we play a girls against guys game of Pictionary.  It’s is always hilarious and very very loud.  Just a few of the participants are slightly competetive and a few like to maybe cheat a little.  I’m not pointing any fingers but you know who you are.

pictures 203-018

Katy and David

pictures 204-019

Normand, Bruce, Brandi, Jude, Shannon and Donald

pictures 205-020

This is a lion.

pictures 206-021

Next up Bruce.  With a little help from one of his team mates Bruce got a little mmm shall we say tripped up and had trouble finishing his picture. 

pictures 207-022

pictures 208-023

pictures 209-024 

Doesn’t this look like an alarm to you?  Good try Bruce.

pictures 210-025

Jeanine could be just a little competitive.

pictures 211-026

Jude may need reading glasses.  He drew angel instead of angle.  His teamates guessed what he drew but  the opposing team wouldn’t count it as a completion.  Sorry boys.

pictures 212-027

pictures 213-028

Victory for the girls again this year.

Girls  2  --- Boys  1

Fun Fun Fun

Now I’m off to have cake for breakfast.

Party Food

Last Night Normand and I had our annual between the holidays party.  We had about 18 party goers and as usual we had a great time.  Here are a few photos of some of the wonderful things we had to eat.  I’m a bad party photographer and didn’t get pictures of everything that everyone 196

Katy brought a beautiful fruit salad and I made a German Chocolate Pie.

pictures 186

I made two kinds of stuffed mushrooms.  One kind was stuffed with brie and the other with a cream cheese Italian sausage combo.  Robin made Mexican pinwheels and Nicole brought stuffed jalapenos. Jeanine brought delicious crawfish pies, Katy brought a pickled relish salad Yummy.  Shannon brought wings and Brandi brought divine deviled eggs. I made cocktail meatballs, bruchetta, and an eggplant dip.  Robin also made bacon wrapped green beans. There may have been something but since I was too busy eating it and not taking it’s picture I can’t remember.  Maybe that’s because there were lots of bottles of adult beverages consumed. ;)

pictures 187

Rocky Road Cake

pictures 188

Pecan Pie

pictures 189

Mocha Coffee Punch

pictures 191

pictures 192

 pictures 193

pictures 194 

Happy New Year

pictures 195 

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas with the Armentors

We always spend Christmas Day in Coteau with my parents and family.  This year Momma cooked both a seafood gumbo and chicken-sausage-duck gumbo-- oh my goodness soo good.  Daddy made his yummy fruit salad and we had lots of delicious sweets, sides and of course Robin’s chocolate delight.

 pictures 129-096

 pictures 130-097

 pictures 134-101

pictures 136-103

pictures 138-105

pictures 139-106

pictures 140-107

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pictures 142-109

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pictures 148-115

pictures 176-130

pictures 179-132

pictures 183-136

A good time was had by all.

Christmas Breakfast

After finishing with our gifts we sat down for a delicious breakfast of Christmas breakfast casserole, fresh fruit salad, banana bread and Martinellis apple cider. We were joined by Andrew’s girlfriend Angie Dunphy, her brother Pat and our friend Gary Watts.

 pictures 104-079

pictures 105-080

pictures 109-081

Sausage, Egg and Potato Breakfast Casserole

pictures 110-082

 pictures 113-083

Pat’s Christmas Gift.  It’s a long story folks.

pictures 115-084 My children love our tradition of always having Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider for holiday breakfast.  Normand’s parents always had it for the kids every holiday meal.  It always makes us think of them on the holidays.  I wish they were still here.

pictures 116-085

Christmas ball centerpiece.

pictures 117-086

pictures 118-087

pictures 124-092

pictures 125-093

Much needed cuppa Joe.

pictures 126-094

Aimee, Jess, Pat and Andrew