Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gettin our Christmas Tree

Took our annual trip to the Home Depot a couple of weeks to pick out our Christmas tree.  Picked out a beauty.

 pictures 036-022

Who knows what they’re up to.

 pictures 038-024

“Daddy lets look at this one.  No that’s not the one.”

 pictures 039-025

Jake liked this little one.

pictures 047-027

“No that’s not the one.”

 pictures 048-028

“Hmm maybe this one.”

 pictures 049-029

“This could be the one.  Show us the first one again.” 

pictures 050-030

“Are we gonna get a tree already.”

pictures 052-032

“Let’s try this one.”

pictures 053-033

“Yes this is the Miller 09 tree.”

pictures 061-041

“Silly Girls the tree goes in there.”

pictures 062-042

“Can we decorate it tonight”

pictures 063-043

The beginning of the decorating.

pictures 056-036

They always get along like this. Loving sisters ha ha.


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