Thursday, December 31, 2009

Party Games

Every year at our party we play a girls against guys game of Pictionary.  It’s is always hilarious and very very loud.  Just a few of the participants are slightly competetive and a few like to maybe cheat a little.  I’m not pointing any fingers but you know who you are.

pictures 203-018

Katy and David

pictures 204-019

Normand, Bruce, Brandi, Jude, Shannon and Donald

pictures 205-020

This is a lion.

pictures 206-021

Next up Bruce.  With a little help from one of his team mates Bruce got a little mmm shall we say tripped up and had trouble finishing his picture. 

pictures 207-022

pictures 208-023

pictures 209-024 

Doesn’t this look like an alarm to you?  Good try Bruce.

pictures 210-025

Jeanine could be just a little competitive.

pictures 211-026

Jude may need reading glasses.  He drew angel instead of angle.  His teamates guessed what he drew but  the opposing team wouldn’t count it as a completion.  Sorry boys.

pictures 212-027

pictures 213-028

Victory for the girls again this year.

Girls  2  --- Boys  1

Fun Fun Fun

Now I’m off to have cake for breakfast.

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