Thursday, January 14, 2010

Recent Goodwill Finds

On a few trips to Goodwill lately I found a few treasures. 

This past Saturday after dropping Joanna off at swim lessons ( Jeanne, Jessica and Andrew were all at the pool) Aimee, Jake and I stopped at the nearest Goodwill.  I found a cute black and white dress and a couple of sweaters, Jess found a summer dress (she joined us later), Aimee found a few tops and athletic pants, Jake found a few old Veggietales tapes he couldn’t live without.  In the back of the store in the house wares section they were having a $0.10 sale on cups, saucers, and plates.  I found this lovely set of  dishes (fine china Royal Court Carnation Japan) in soft pink and grey.  51 pieces for…….. get this $5.10!  I can’t decide if  I’m going to keep them or gift them.  Know anyone who might like them? ;)

pictures 145-018 pictures 148-019

Dinner Plate

pictures 149-020

Salad Plate

pictures 152-021

Dessert Plate

 pictures 153-022

Bowl pictures 156-023

Cup and Saucer pictures 159-024 pictures 161-025 pictures 165-026

There are six full place settings and two settings minus the cup and saucer and a few spare pieces.  All in excellent condition no scratches or chips.  I think they were made in the 40’s of 50’s if not then definitely in that style.  

pictures 167-027

I bought these two cute aqua/floral bowls.  Wouldn’t fried rice be so yummy from these.

pictures 168-028

Cute vintage pitcher to hold delicious fresh squeezed orange juice. 

pictures 170-029 

Lovely white compote to go with all of my white serving pieces. 

All at fabulous Goodwill prices. 

On another recent GW trip I bought a $9.99 coffee table that we’re going to revamp for our family room.  I’ll post before and afters of that when we tackle that project. 



  1. I know someone who is collecting the gray and pink dishware and would be so very happy to accept it as a gift!! ;) So Very Happy!

  2. she beat me to it..........!!!
    I was gonna say....DUH. Your sister!!

  3. why fried rice woman?????????

    your loving daughter,

    Jessica Renee`