Thursday, October 15, 2009

An Afternoon of Shopping

Yesterday after finishing our school work for the day Aimee, Jake, Jo and I spent the afternoon shopping with Aunt Katy.

First we went to Reflections of Olde on Congress, then Jefferson Street Market, another antique shop down on Jefferson toward Pinhook, then onto the Goodwill on Bertrand (where we met up with Nicole and Greta), next was the Goodwill on Ambassador Caffery, then the Brit and Bay Home Decor store on Ambassador (oh my such loverly things), then a quick run into Payless and last but not least the new Paul Michaels store in River Ranch ( double oh my, lets just say you should go).  Fun afternoon and the kids were really good.  Katy was shopping for a bed for Erica and a table and chairs for her new den.

Jo Jo found a hat at Reflections of Olde that struck her fancy.

pictures 359 pictures 360

Too Cute.

At Goodwill she found a book she just couldn’t live without and insisted on taking a picture with it. 

pictures 371 I found a cute iron table for the front porch that needs a little rehab, and a pair of shorts for Jeanne.  All in all a fun afternoon.

PS. Katy, I just thought of another place we can look for a bed for Erica.  Call Me.

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