Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treating with the Billeauds

We went Trick or Treating with Bruce and Jeanine’s kids this year.  We went to the Lexington Heights subdivision. It’s a beatuiful subdivsion built in an old pecan grove.  I think everyone had a great time.  Mark sorry you were sick. 

pictures 068-051

 pictures 066-049

Michelle is a  ………. Well I really don’t know what she was besides fun.

pictures 067-050

 pictures 069-052

Piled into the MillerMobile

pictures 070-053

Fun Cousins

pictures 071-054

I think they had more fun than the little kids.

pictures 078-060

pictures 079-061

pictures 080-062

pictures 087-069

Scariest thing ever!!!!!

pictures 093-075

Wardrobe Malfunction

pictures 095-077

Who knows

pictures 099-081

Jo Jo and her daddy the speed walker.

pictures 102-084

At Mr. Pumpkins house.

pictures 103-085

The couple at this house do it up right.  They have a talking Mr. Pumpkin who talks to the kids and tells really corny Halloween jokes.  They serve hotdogs, chili, punch and sweets.  What a great way to end our trick or treat adventure.


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