Monday, September 28, 2009

Morning Coffee

This morning I enjoyed my nice hot cup of  Community Dark Roast in this precious new coffee cup.  Katy and David went on a little flea market trip yesterday to Washington, LA  and  bought it for me.   Thank you my lovely sister.   The cup and saucer matches a set of dishes I found at Goodwill last week.    So I took a few pictures of it on the front porch this morning.   Enjoy

pictures 246











pictures 249

pictures 247

  pictures 251


  1. You're totally welcome sista, it looks good on your pretty porch! Glad ya like the gift!

  2. PS. Take more of your pics outside, the light is wonderful and the pics are super!!

  3. I SO wish I lived closer to ya'll. We could have so much fun together!
    And OMG! there were dishes just like that left in our lakehouse by previous owners and I gave them away...maybe I still have some pieces left. Gonna dig next time I'm over there and see what I can find for ya. I know there was the cutest pitcher.......!