Monday, April 13, 2009

Beach Cottage Dish Giveaway-- link

Mrs G over at Life at Home is giving away a lovely set of Beach Cottage Dishes by Rosanna. Hop on over and leave a comment to win.

Have a Happy Monday


  1. OMG!!! Hi Deb...I'm janey, katy's crazy friend!! First time I've been here and I am in awe of how much ya'll look alike!!
    And I can only imagine that you must be as happy and fun as she is!
    Love your table and all the lil accessories. I'm sure it's a blast 'playing' with katy!!

  2. I have to say... I love you, I love your family, each and every one of them. But your blog is mighty stale sista. We need to see something new or we wont be checkin in here again any time soon! Get hoppin!! ~K~

  3. Katy sorry you find my blog stale. I'm too busy makin memories with my family right now. I promise to blog real soon.