Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today's Goodwill Goodies

Today while I was out I stopped in at a few of my favorite places and found a few goodies.
A coffee pot that coordinates perfectly with my sisters and my china pattern. Wonder who the lucky recipient of this gem will be? I also found two precious augratin dishes, lovely violet egg shaped salt and pepper shakers, sweet little eggs in a soft lime green and blue, sweet smelling soaps in lavender and verbena, a mini apothocary jar, a large basket, a resin frame with bunnies on it , a cute backpack purse for garage sale/flea market shopping, yellow napkins for my spring table and sweet thank you cards for just .39 Oh Yeah and a sweet flower arrangement perfect for my Easter color scheme. yay me

I've already put the flower arrangement into one of my soup tureens and I just love it.
Don't you

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