Wednesday, February 10, 2010


On Superbowl Sunday we had a few people over to watch history being made.  What a wonderful day. 

Of course we had a few things to nibble on and help us get into the party mood.

pictures 090-007

Blueberry Cream Cheese BREES cake.  It was oh so yummy and a big hit with the party goers.  You can find the recipe here.  Thanks Rhoda for the easy fabulous recipe.  I’ll definitely be making it again soon.  

pictures 957-045   pictures 096-010

Gala apples and yogurt dip

 pictures 097-011

Erica made this delish guacamole. 

pictures 099-012

Michelle made this awesome layered Mexican dip.

pictures 100-013

Red Pepper Jelly and cream cheese dip

 pictures 102-014

Liz made these awesome pecan brownies

 pictures 103-015


The main course was White Chicken Chili it was oh so good.  (Sorry didn’t get a picture of it)

pictures 899-041

Michelle our Sharpie tattoo artist.

pictures 036-003 

Her handi work.

pictures 1046-026

Pretty Annette

pictures 1047-027

Game Faces

pictures 034-002

pictures 105-029

Michelle and Jeanne

pictures 1039-018


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pictures 109-033

pictures 110-034

Sweet Victory Celebration

pictures 116-040

 pictures 901-042

Who Dat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. King Cake shaped like a giant #1. Love it. Didja save me a piece?

    Love the photos of the fans cheering the Saints to victory!!!!!