Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring Luncheon

On Tuesday April 14th my sister Katy and I hosted a spring luncheon. Guests included Momma, Robin, Aunt Diane, Paislee, Jeanine, Michelle, Annette, Elizabeth, Erica, Alexa, Krista, Kali, Brandi and Maddie. Our guests came dressed for the occasion and they all looked so pretty. We took group pictures of all of the families. Sister Mary Tarcisius and Lorraine Stahl stopped by for a few minutes and we had a short but lovely visit with them. Everyone contributed to the menu and the food was dainty and very yummy.

The Larson Girls and Momma

Jeanine and her beautiful daughters.

Krista and the oh soo sweet Kali Marie.

Brandi and the lovely Miss Madalyn.

Nanny Diane and her fabulous grandaughter Paislee.

Me and my delightful daughters.

The Armentor Girls and Momma

Playing on the Patio

Little Ladies who Lunch

The Big girls. I think they made a few good memories that day.

please pardon the poor quality of some of the pics


  1. So sweet ( all the family and friends photos) Love how you set up different types of tables and also your side tables ! Great job !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  2. What a wonderful occasion! And all those wonderful memories - this is all lovely.